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What is the difference between GASP® Sales Academy and other Sales Academies?

Many Sales Academies focus on just Sales Training or Selling Skills Training as their main thrust. The GASP® Sales Academy on the other hand is focused on the entire sales development cycle which includes Sales Training as well but also gives equal weightage to other aspects of the sales management. GASP® Sales Academy brings on the table ALL aspects that will enable Ventures to build sales productivity and bring in profits.

Also the key differentiator for the participants of this Academy will the practical sessions that will be followed up after every Course to help them IMPLEMENT the concepts in their Ventures. There will be a great focus on execution of the concepts outlined in the classroom sessions.

Who are the Mentors at GASP® Sales Academy?

The list of mentors is available in the Mentors section of this web site and each one of them is an expert in their area related to sales and sales excellence. All of them have practical experience in Training, Coaching and Mentoring sales organisations and bring to the table a desire to bring out the best in the Mentees

What are the courses that will be conducted by the Academy?

The flagship course that will be conducted by the Academy will be BUILDING EFFICIENT SALES ORGANISATIONS WITH GASP® which cover all the aspects of GASP® and its implementation.

This is the inaugural Course of the Academy that will be repeated as per demand.


In other words all Courses geared to build sales productivity and efficiency will be taken care of and we will incorporate the participant feedback as well.

How do we book for a Programme and what are the Charges?

Please refer to the Booking Section – Programmes –  for details of our upcoming Programmes and book the Programme of your choice filling in all details as requested.

Course fees will vary depending on the duration of the Programme and details are provided with the Booking Section.

How do we book a Mentoring Slot and what is the Cost?

Please refer to the  Booking Section – Mentoring – for details of the Mentoring schedule availability for the month and place your request accordingly filling in all relevant details. Once we receive the details we will review them and revert to you with a cost of the Mentoring Session.

How do we pay for the Services required?

For each service requested in the Booking Section, there is a separate payment gateway enabled on which you can make the payment.

Are the charges inclusive of GST or is GST to be charged extra?

At present, GASP® Sales Academy will not be charging GST, so your total cost will be same as the price indicated in the Programme, i.e. you will be saving 18% cost.

Are the Programmes conducted On Line or In Person?

At present due to the pandemic situation in July 2021 as we start, al Programmes are planned to be conducted on line but should the situation change in coming months some Programmes wil be a mix of On Line & In Person.

Once the payment for a specific Programme is made and the requested Profile information supplied, a zoom link for the Programme will be made available at the earliest.

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