Developing Strategic Plans that WORK

“Strategic thinking is about creating the future, not just predicting it.”

Gary Hamel, Leading expert on Business Strategy
Faculty, London Business School


Strategic Planning is a crucial part of the journey for an organisation to remain relevant to their Customers and grow their business. But many Strategic Plans do not get translated fully on the ground as the brutal focus on execution is missing. Not because of intent but due to teams chasing the Result and NOT the Process.

There is a serious need to judiciously mix Planning and Execution for any Strategic Planning exercise among the leadership teams involved in the Process for delivering sustainable Results as planned.

SPEAR Program from GASP Sales Academy is a Strategic Planning Tool that blends all elements necessary for a successful Strategic Plan, correctly executed on the ground.

SPEAR is designed to give wings to the team’s imagination about the future of the business, enabling experimentation and facilitating execution.

SPEAR blends all elements to successfully execute your Strategic Plan

How does SPEAR work?

A strategic thinker is one who has:


  • A ‘Possibility First, Feasibility Later’ approach to problem- solving
  • A ‘Solution Mindset’ rather than just a ‘Product Mindset’
  • A ‘Customer Focus’ rather than just a ‘Competitor Focus’
  • The ability to visualize scenarios rather than just respond to events
  • The ability to ‘Synthesise’ in addition to the ability to ‘Analyse’
  • The ability to ‘Execute’ in addition to “Visualise & Synthesise’

SPEAR works with 3 modules:

What does SPEAR deliver?

SPEAR’s multi-dimensional approach to Strategic Thinking enables the participants to :

  • Better able to anticipate future challenges and ensure that the organization is ‘Looking Ahead’
  • Better able to align the team towards a common vision
  • Better able to respond to customer needs and market trends and hence better at Innovation and Agility
  • Better able to connect the dots in a VUCA world and make informed decisions
  • Better able to execute Strategic Plans and make them a reality

Organisations which have teams that think strategically demonstrate:

  • Higher Alignment across the organization
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Financial Performance

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