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Presenting SPARK

Developing and Executing an effective Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan is crucial to achieving the twin objectives of building Sales Turnover and Profitability for any sales organisation. There are many different approaches used to develop a GTM, but the most effective & comprehensive ones focus on inculcating an execution mindset for guaranteeing the Results.

So how can we develop a GTM that can guarantee twin Results of building Turnover & Profitability ?

Step 1: Pan out your sales process with our proprietary tool GASP® (Generally Accepted Sales Principles)

Step 2: Use our Sales Productivity Acceleration and Resource Kit (SPARK) to unleash the full potential of GASP® and give your sales team a head start for success with 100% flawless planning and execution

This is the twin advantage you need to get results! Nothing to beat SPARK working in tandem with and powered by the GASP® system.

Here’s how SPARK gets you results in 2 phases

PHASE 1: Assessment & Diagnostic Study

Phase 1 runs over an 8 week period using GASP® to develop a draft GTM with KRAs to plug sales productivity leakages.

How it works

In Phase 1 we conduct a thorough study of all aspects of the sales organisation on an “as-is where-is” basis. We evaluate the existing GTM across Customers, Sales Partners, Sales Teams and Sales Operations. We are looking for sales productivity leakages that affect the sales development adversely. We also fix the low hanging fruit as the study progresses. We conclude with a draft GTM Plan with detailed KRAs for implementation.

PHASE 2: Execution in pilot mode + full roll-out

Execution of the GTM KRAs in pilot mode. Followed by a companywide roll-out in conjunction with the SPRINT Sales Capability Training. Topped with a Build-Operate-Transfer model for the full GTM Plan over 3/6/9/12 Months.

How it works

In Phase 2, we design a GTM Pilot to roll out KRAs with the involvement of the sales team before we launch a companywide roll out of the revised GTM Plan. This gets the sales team’s buy-in and ensures a higher probability of success.

What does SPARK deliver?

The Sales Productivity acceleration initiative delivered by SPARK has a far reaching impact on the Sales Organisation and the overall company as well.

Though at the base level it delivers an optimum Go-To-Market Plan that builds

  • Sales Productivity
  • Customer Reach & Penetration
  • Sales Turnover
  • Business Profitability

It actually impacts the sales organization at a fundamental level , at its core : Bringing a bias for EXECUTION in the sales organization, developing sales teams who are now more willing to go beyond their brief in their day to day work and also more convinced about the Products they sell.

The SPARK initiative augurs well for the organisation with its reputation being rapidly enhanced as a preferred place to work. This in turn ensures that your customers get the best service too.

SPARK also helps in enhancing your organisation’s reputation as a preferred place to work. It ensures your customers too get the best in service.

Ready to transform your sales process?

Take the first step towards unlocking your business’s full sales potential. Contact us today to explore how SPARK (powered by GASP®) can propel your organisation to new heights of success.

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