“I want to grow our sales and build our profitability on a sustainable basis”

Improve sales productivity. Deliver growth and profits!

As a CEO, my secret wish always was : “I wish we could grow the Sales Turnover & Business Profitability more quickly as per Plan in a sustainable manner.”

I saw how the departments under my charge— Manufacturing, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, HR & Marketing—organised themselves quickly to meet the challenge.
The Sales Department had to chase the Target at any cost. Many shortcuts were taken, most of them not sustainable in the long term…
We saw quarters with great performance followed by new lows in Sales…
30% of the Team delivered 70% Results and for the balance 70% Team , sales productivity was low, affecting both Turnover & Profitability.
Even though Manufacturing, Finance and all other functions performed well, if the Sales did not sustain, overall company Results would be depressed.
Sales Training and Selling Skills Programs had an impact but could not stop low sales performance.
I knew what was wrong but did not have the time personally to fix it.
It was clear that unless we had improved sales productivity across the sales teams we would not be able to deliver sustainable Business Growth & Profits
I needed comprehensive Sales Processes to be implemented and followed to build Sales Productivity…  a Sales Development Initiative that could holistically and systematically Assess, Diagnose and PLUG the sales productivity leakages in sales operations on a sustainable basis.
An initiative that coached the sales team to always follow the Process to achieve the Result and not just chase the Result blindly and provided continuous On-The-Job Coaching.
A reminder of my own Sales Leadership days when perhaps chasing the Result directly led to my sales shortfall.

At GASP® Sales Academy today I have been able to bring to the table innovative concepts that facilitate building sales productivity, growing the turnover and delivering higher business profitability ..

We bring a relentless focus on plugging sales productivity leakages that will be the Solution to every CEO/Sales Director’s call for better sales Results… a focus that includes traditional Sales Training but goes beyond it to explore all aspects of a sales organisation working across Customers, Sales Partners, Sales Teams and Sales Operations

The secret lies in a simple PROCESS of building Sales Productivity with a universal set of Sales Standards. Something that ALL organisations deserve—whether B2C, D2C, B2B or Services.

We are GASP® Sales Academy, here to help you build efficient sales organisations

With our revolutionary IP, GASP® (Generally Accepted Sales Principles) as a gold standard of 27 Sales Processes at the heart of everything we do, we ensure superior sales productivity and repeatable sales results. Our clients install and follow these processes like clockwork. To make it easier to execute these on the ground, we have embedded them into the Services we offer to assess, diagnose and plug sales productivity leakages in daily operations.

We’d love to do the same for your business.

What is GASP®?

Dinkar Suri, founder of GASP® Sales Academy, explains the benefits of the GASP® process for your organisation. He has 40+ experience in sales and has been the CEO of many companies in various sectors.

GASP® is a universal set of sales standards we recommend as the PROCESS to sales organisations to build sales productivity to deliver the RESULT they are seeking : efficient sales organisations and superior business results.

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Powered by GASP®

Sales Productivity Acceleration & Resource Kit is a sales kit to unlock the full potential of GASP® in building sales productivity and delivering superior business results. CEOs and Sales Directors can now ensure uniform compliance to sales standards.

Go one step further

Along with SPARK, our Sales Productivity & Results Improvement Training builds sales development initiatives, implements them and enhances the soft skills of your sales teams to deliver better results month after month.

The ultimate solution

Sometimes, your organisation needs to look at the bigger picture with our Strategic Planning & Execution for Achieving Results initiative. Here the concern is more strategic and beyond the scope of sales teams. We help the company’s leadership to re-look at where you really need to play to maximise the efforts of your sales teams.

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