“Where do I find a Sales Manual that details Processes for MY company?”

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Effective Sales Processes are designed to deliver successful outcomes while making the sales team enjoy their work.

Generally Accepted Sales Principles or GASP® is a proprietary set of 27 Sales Processes developed by GASP® Sales Academy as a uniform Sales Standard that can build efficient sales organisations

Remember, you cannot “do” the Sales but have to “execute” a Process to achieve the Result.

We are GASP® Sales Academy, here to give you superior sustainable Results

GASP® is based on a deep study and understanding of Sales Process at sales organisations that have given consistently superior sustainable Results. Coupled with a practical mix of the sales productivity hacks that can plug all productivity leaks.

Implementing and Managing these Processes effectively can guarantee superior sales productivity and business Results.

The underlying Principle of GASP® is: If you follow the Process, the Result will follow you automatically!

GASP® is the foundation on which all the services of GASP® Sales Academy are based, so let us understand this in more detail.

The way it works

The 4 Pillars of any sales organization revolve around Customers, Sales Partners , Sales Teams and Sales Operations. The objective of GASP® is to lay down the guidelines for managing each Pillar to its maximum potential.

Way of working: Sales Operations Manual

GASP® is implemented after a thorough Diagnostic & Assessment Study in the organization and as a natural outcome it leads to the creation of the Sales Operations Manual(SOM). This Manual will detail all the Sales Standards for the organization and the Processes linked to it for ensuring efficient Sales Operations.

Making GASP® the default standard for the sales organization will greatly simplify the Processes needed to build Sales.

GASP® is a universal set of sales standards we recommend as the PROCESS to sales organisations to build sales productivity to deliver the RESULT they are seeking : efficient sales organisations and superior business results.

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