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Unleash sales productivity with SPRINT training

Sales Training Programs are generally geared to build Functional and Behavioral Competencies. One of the aspects of building efficient sales organisations is to train Sales teams in these competencies both in the Classroom as well as On-The-Job.

The SPRINT Program is designed to unleash the productivity of sales teams by Training them on the Processes that will DELIVER improved Results and build efficient sales organisations

Our Sales Capability Programs go beyond just Skills Training and always have a Sales Development flavour that is powered by GASP®.

We believe in executing our Training Programs in the field by handholding our Cohorts to ensure 100% absorption and implementation of the Best Practices to build sales productivity.

And our Mantra always is :
Follow the Process and the Result will Follow you automatically!

Follow the SPRINT process and your results will follow automatically!

Get great results with SPRINT. But how?

SPRINT training works in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Selling Skills Training & Sales Leadership Skills Training Program

Phase 2: Post Classroom Training Implementation & Follow up for Selling Skills Training to secure improved Results

See the graphics below for a clear understanding.

Key Learning Modules

Typical topics covered in classroom training for Selling Skills & Sales Management Skills will be as follows:

MODULE 1: Selling Skills Program (3 Days)

  • Prospecting & Conversion
  • Conceptual & Value Selling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Objection Handling
  • Negotiation Skills

MODULE 2: Sales Management Skills Program (2 Days)

  • Sales Funnel Management
  • SMART Objective Setting
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Supervision & Team Building

NOTE: The actual topics covered will be dependent on the training needs identification (TNI) as part of the Assessment Process and the type of business—B2C, B2B orD2C. The last topic in both Programs is Mastering Sales Execution which is a topic specially designed by us to inculcate a sales execution bias in the training.

What does SPRINT deliver?

The SPRINT Program is the most comprehensive Sales Capability Building Program for Corporates seeking superior business Results as it is based on GASP®.

What SPRINT really delivers is a laser focus on Sales Execution in the field and change of mind set amongst the sales teams about how they should be chasing Results.

For the Sales Leadership it brings in the concept of Servant Leadership in the Program seeking to build consensus on the Managers contributing positively to the sales teams’ empowerment

See the typical EXAMPLE given below of what our SPRINT modules cover for a B2C company to understand the comprehensive training method better

Ready to transform your sales process?

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